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“I write to entertain and move my readers and to unmask a world unfamiliar to most.” – NICK CHIARKAS

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Nunzio's Way


In 1960, Declan Ardan, an ambitious New York City lawyer, asked his boyhood friend and client, Nunzio Sabino, the most powerful organized crime boss of his time, to help him win the election for mayor. Nunzio agrees to help Declan, telling him, “In this city, you can have anything you want if you kill the right four people.”

In Italy, after killing a top member of the Camorra, Heather Potter, arrives in New York City seeking vengeance on the people who murdered her family. Those people include Nunzio Sabino and Mac Pastamadeo. Mac is the father of Angelo, the leader of the Weepers gang.

Angelo Pastamadeo is a sixteen-year-old gang leader whose gang, the Weepers, is at the crossroads of becoming a feared and powerful criminal force or a respected neighborhood social club. Angelo’s mother is Nunzio’s Goddaughter.

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"When I hear the beast, I'm always frightened, but I run toward his growl." - Award-Winning Novel


NYPD cop killing in 1957 has unexpected ties to a young father’s disappearance in 1951.

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What Readers Are Saying

"Weepers is a page-turning murder mystery and a fascinating look at New York in the 1950s... It makes you want to crawl into the book and not come out."

- Mitch Henck, The All-New Mitch Henck Show

"A magnificent debut! This riveting suspense novel grabbed me on page one with its secrets, danger, and emotional power and kept it up all the way to the terrific ending with its twists and turns. Weepers has made my list of recommended novels."

- Christine DeSmet, Mystery author and director of Write-by-the-Lake

"Weepers deserves a large audience; it reads like a dream and moves like a bullet. It will break your heart and leave you hoarse from cheering."

- Doug Moe, author, and Wisconsin State Journal reporter

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About the Author


If you love fast-paced action, thriller, crime, and drama, Nick Chiarkas delivers it all.

NICK CHIARKAS’ extensive legal and law enforcement background allows him to write from a place of powerful personal experience. He doesn’t just write about crime and mystery. He’s lived it.

Nick grew up during the 1950s in the Al Smith Projects on the Lower East Side of New York City where Nunzio's Way and Weepers take place.